Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Peculiar Reading Habits

Everybody has strange habits and rituals when they read. We've compiled a list of our own...

Rica Eat World

- I tend to read the last sentence of the chapter first, then revisit the first page of the chapter
and start from there
- I constantly check how many chapters there are to mark my progress with the book - for
example, in Harry Potter I always count the chapters, I don't want to run out of them!
- I can only concentrate if I read either in my mother's bed, or at the dining table
- While reading, I usually eat without really realizing it. But rest assured, I don't get the pages dirty
- I never assign facial features for characters of books that are not made into movies. Their faces
just end up blurry. Sometimes while I'm in the world of the book I read, I think I picture faces,
but when I try to recall them, I can't


- Whenever I close a book, I always make sure that the bookmark lines up with the pages at the top. If the bookmark sticks out, I get mad.
- If I'm reading a hardcover book that I bought, I have to take the jacket off since I hate wrinkles and dents
- Sometimes I prefer library books because they're more robust and I don't have to worry about damaging them
- I hate reading while I'm eating food since I usually get some on the pages
- When I read about a character drinking a beverage, I get really thirsty and have to fetch a glass of water
- My absuloute favorite place to read is at a quiet study hall in school
- I always speed up when reading the end because I become impatient
- Whenver the author describes a characters house, I always picture it as the house of somebody I know

Do you have any strange reading habits? Tell us in the comments!


  1. OHH OHHH!! you guys made a mistake :)))) I THINK THIS COUNTS AS AN EXTRA TICKETISH IN THE CONTEST!! :) okapi said i hate eating while im eating.. WHICH DOESNT MAKE SENSE!! I RULEEE THANK YOU TAHNK YOU. wow i sound like an ass... but you guys know that i love you :) anyhoo just cus i feel like it... you guys still need to help me getting my blog up.. WHNE ARE YOU GUYS FREE?!!?!? rawr <3 i vote ricas cus i need to sabotage her food :)

  2. HAHAHA WENDY! Silly Okapi! I must fix it :) and yes we can hang out at my house :) only fair since i attacked your dumplings. speaking of which, the container for those is still in my locker... HAHA
    ANNNDDD we will post our OFFICIAL contest later today when Okapi signs on hahaa.

  3. dearest eating world rica and okapi :) ill be looking forward to this contest and OF COURSE, raiding your house, that will be quite enjoyable :) cant wait... :D

  4. whenever i read a book i dream about it and im through the eyes of the main character and usually mmy friends are the other characters

  5. You have been in many of my book dreams Rica, just not in my other ones<3

  6. "I always speed up when reading the end because I become impatient"

    I do that too :)

    I tend to pick up the moods of the characters or story... which means I'm pretty depressing to be around right now (I just finished Blood Promise by Richelle Mead).

  7. Ooh, yes! I know exactly what you guys mean!
    Some of my strange reading habits (excluding the ones you've already listed):
    -When I'm reading something with a gorgeous cover, I constantly flip to the cover of my book to stare at it some more. Even when I'm in a middle of a sentence!
    -I'm OCD about doggy-eared pages, so in every one of my books you'll see a post-it note writing, "Don't fold ANYTHING!" I'm okay with my books looking a little worn, but deliberate wrinkles just give me the shivers.
    -When I'm reading an embarrassing scene, sometimes it just TOO much for me, (I know... it's not even like I'M experiencing it!) so I slam the book shut and start giggling like mad.
    Like, "Ohmygosh, he did WHAT?!" *giggle, giggle* And then I proceed.
    -I can read almost anywhere at anytime. The only exception being while I'm in a moving vehicle--I die in those! I get car-sick so easily!
    -Often, I'm so eager to see what happens that I miss nearly half the page just so I can flip it, and read on. So whenever I re-read a book, it's almost as if I'm reading it for the very first time.

    Aw, that was mad fun. Thanks for the laughs. :)
    Love, Hannah

  8. Oh I forgot about reading in a car! I hate reading in cars too, but I always listen to audiobooks on long journeys. Audiobooks save my life.

    Also, if the cover is pretty, I often flip back to it at the end of a chapter just to stare at it. The more I read, the better sense of the book I get.

    I can also read everywhere at anytime (except the car), like when the sixth Harry Potter book came out, I purchased it at a mall bookstore in India (due to the time difference, I got it twelve hours early). I read it while I walked back to the car, and since my nose was in a book, I tripped and almost fell into the gutter, attracting lots of stares.

    You're welcome for the laughs :D! Thanks for commenting! Everybody has strange reading habits - I just didn't realize I had any until we decided to do this post!