Thursday, May 20, 2010

Upcoming Contest!

Hello to all you lovely followers! So, we just want to thank you guys for following The Smarty Owl. It means a lot to us, for we just started about a week ago and we need all the support we can get. To show our excitement, we decided that once we get 50 followers, we'll have a contest to celebrate! Recruit all your friends so we can get up to 50 and possibly higher. Here's the fun part- every time the number of Smarty Owl followers increases by 50, we'll add another book. So, if we get 100 followers that would be 2 books. 150= 3 books and so on. We know you want a bunch of books and its easy to get them. Just spread the word about this blog. You can write in C-Boxes and like back to us, comment in other blogs, or whatever else you want to do that floats your boat.

More details will be available soon, and we'll officially set the contest dates and such when we get 50 followers. If you wish, leave a comment in the comment box to let us know what books you want to see in the contest and perhaps we'll be able to deliver what you want. Happy blogging and keep spreading the love :)

-- Okapi & Rica Eat World


  1. SWEET! you know no one is entering (less than nine) my contest so there is a really good odds for people to win. Just saying... Oh and I have already told a bunch of people about your site:)

  2. rawr im in on this ricaa... PLEAS WORK GODDAMMIT

  3. hahaha it worked Wendy :)any book suggestions? and thanks for spreading the word Erika!

  4. Just hopping by - hop on over to The Wormhole!

    The contest sounds fun - I like your blog!

  5. you know no one is coming into (less than nine) my competition so there is a really excellent possibilities for individuals to win. Just saying... Oh and I have already informed a lot of individuals about your site:)

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